On inspiration with Laurent Mazzone, creator of LM Parfums

Behind every masterpiece there is the creator, behind every perfume there is the man with his scented visions. As long-time admirer of LM Parfums I felt very excited and honored being invited by „Crème de la Crème“ boutique to press-diner with Laurent Mazzone, creator of LM Parfums, and his team, held in Vilnius this June. Talking about different fragrant and not-fragrant things, testing „secret working projects“ from „secret working suitcase of working projects“ with huge curiosity and having a warm discussion about perfumery in general and LM Parfums I was convinced that behind all of LM Parfums there is a very special creator with his special attitude to creation of fragrance and inspirations. Please, find a short summary of our long discussion on inspiration with Laurent Mazzone, a special man who makes his fragrant inspirations come true.

Rimante: Personal history, perfumery and scents are all around us. What was your first perfume you have ever used? Do you still remember the scent of it? What is your favorite note in perfumery today? What fragrance from LM Parfums could be a signature scent of your personality?

Laurent: My first fragrances were „Bel Ami d’Hermès“ and “Grey Flannel from Geoffrey Beene“. „Bel Ami“ from Hermès evoked for me freedom and audacity. In LM Parfums line, there are 2 fragrances that reflect my personality: „Patchouli Bohème“ and „Ambre Muscadin“, which are representative of the universe of the brand and so my personality.

Rimante: Perfumes and music have so much in common: notes, composition, principles of scent development, inspiration as a piece of art, power of evoking of memories. In video commercial of “Chemise blanche“ there’s Tchaikovsky and “Swan Lake“ – and it’s great choice for visualization of this fragrance. As I know, music is very important in your life. What music is the inspiration for creation of LM Parfums? If fragrance were music, what kind of music would you link with LM Parfums and you personally?

Laurent: I am listening to lot of music, but the one who really inspired me is Alexander Bard creator of Army of Lovers, he is a complete artist for me. What I like about Alexander Bard is that at his musical and artistical level he has made many things and in the history of art he is someone complete. He is in perpetual evolution. The answer is easy , he had so inspired myself that I cannot answer something else. For me music of Alexander Bard is my inspiration and also direct sound with LM Parfums.

Rimante: After black coloured bottles of LM Parfums you are presenting “Chemise blanche“ – “The white shirt“ limited edition: white, lighter, aldehydic, intimate – “close to skin“. Where is the place of vision of this fragrance? – that island in the Mediterranean where suits of Madison avenue are not required? Who is the muse or “target group“ not wearing suit but wearing “chemise blanche“? Do you capture the reality and transform it into fragrance or is your fragrance the fulfillment of your imagination?

Laurent: What I have looked for in this perfume is the endless summer, purity, sweetness in the pure state. Every fragrance from my line captures a precise moment in my life. How I underline, „Chemise Blanche“ captures a precise moment in my life. I don’t make a fragrance to make something new, it’s not for marketing or because it’s the moment to make it, I make it because I want to. LM Parfums is a brand make with lots of emotion, desire and without any goal.

Rimante: I like your phrase you’ve said during the dinner that “It takes a very long time to create a masterpiece“. Could you, please, reveal a secret – what kind of new masterpiece from LM Parfums is on its way to be created after “Chemise blanche“? What would you like to create, express or describe in perfumery notes?

Laurent: Actually we are working on a new line. Something more personal, more resulted, pushed to the extreme. And we don’t make it to do a second line, but to push the concentration of the fragrance at the maximum and develop something more emotional, more sensual and strong, it’s a work on Oud and the Leather. It’s the direct following from my first creation , because I don’t like the end. I like that when you create something, there is a following and I do not mind remixing the fragrance.


When you start from „Bel Ami“ by Hermes, a close-to-perfect woody-leather-chypre, and legendary „Grey Flannel“ by Geoffrey Beene, searching for inspiration in so charming „Army of Lovers“ music, deciding to create perfumes of emotion and desire without a goal or rush – enjoying the process of searching and creating, you end with masterpieces. My personal favorites from LM Parfums are „Black Oud“ and „Patchouli Bohème“, but I really admire the fact that each scent of LM Parfums is mature, well-balanced and accurately developed even in smallest details.

I had a privilege to test „Chemise Blanche“ and I can assure you – it is so beautiful and intimate that even on my „prone-to-oud-wood-incense-spices“ skin it has developed as a very elegant, bright and subtle scent I would like to wear personally. Revealing a secret: I have tested some „working projects“ and I already know that it is worth waiting for them to appear in public – the mentioned „Oud and Leather“ project is going to be a true inspiration, the rest „working projects“ – also, definitely. Yes, it takes a long time to create a masterpiece, but we have all the time in the world to wait for them appearing labeled as „LM Parfums“ and surprising our noses and minds once again. Just don’t stop capturing your inspirations and transforming them to perfumes, Laurent, just don’t stop!

Right place to fall in love with LM Parfums – „Crème de la Crème“ boutiques, Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda, Lithuania.

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